WordPress Security

The security of your WordPress site should be at the forefront of your mind whenever you are making updates to your site, checking on your backups, hiring a developer to work on your website or as you log in to your site from a public computer.

WordPress Security is more than just having a strong password for your user account. It’s also having strong passwords on your web host account and your domain registrar where you bought your domain.

It’s there when you decide to install a new plugin or update an existing one. It’s there when you notice an email about your backup failing overnight or an odd email from Google Search Console about errors loading a page.

All sites we manage on our care plans are run through a series of check and balances when we onboard you. And from that moment on we are always checking and re-checking your site to keep it safe.

We remind you to change your passwords and to use unique passwords for each service related to your site. We setup additional protections on your login and admin pages to block malicious attacks and we regularly scan your site for malware.

For those that take up our Professional Plan where we host your website we also further secure your website with industry-standard blocking techniques and firewall practices.

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