Automatic WordPress Backups

Backups are insurance for your website and in our opinion, you can never have enough of them.

If your website were to be hacked or deleted how quickly could you restore it?

What about if your website is your sole source of income, how much money are you going to lose while it’s down?

If you do have a backup for your site either via your web host or a plugin on your site have you ever tested to see if works and can be restored quickly?

Now imagine any one of those scenarios happening right now… would you know what to do?

There’s a reason we take out insurance for our house, car, health and so on. Because it’s of extreme importance to us and thats how you should be treating your website as well, especially if its your day to day business.

For all plans on our monthly support service, we provide secure remote backups of your website every 24 hours. These backups are kept on a 30 day rolling archive helping to guarantee we’ve always got you covered should the worst happen to your site.

For those that take up our Professional plan we also take hourly server backups meaning that even if the server we host you on goes up in flames we can quickly push your site to a new server and get you up and running again in no time.

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