WordPress Updates

Keeping your WordPress website updated is a key factor in ensuring your site stays safe and secure.

Developers are constantly improving their products by releasing new features and patching bugs in their plugin or themes code. WordPress themselves are ever-evolving the platform as a whole with their regular security and feature updates as well.

With updating your website comes that fear of what if the update breaks my site? How will I fix it?

That’s where we come in.

We’ve been managing a vast network of WordPress powered sites for over 10 years, all running any number of different plugins and themes which has afforded us a great deal of knowledge.

We’ve learnt when you can safely update a plugin right away and when its best to wait and test how that update will function on your site.

By signing up for one of our monthly WordPress care plans we take over the fear and testing of updating your site for you.

We test and roll out updates for your website weekly (or sooner for security patches). Giving you peace of mind to focus all your energy on growing and promoting your business and not getting stuck running endless updates.

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