Hi, my name is Chris, and after some 10+ years of learning and making mistakes along the way, I created Assistant. That journey gave me lifelong friends, a beautiful wife, kids, and above all else, a genuine willingness to want to help others succeed.

My amazing family

You see, I started as a blogger (a travel blogger, to be specific) like many of my clients today. I had questions that could not be answered looking online or in books, so I set about documenting my story to help those who planned to take the same type of trip as I had planned.

Coming from an IT Admin/Support role, I took to the technical side of blogging quite quickly. But many of my friends in the blogging space did not. The community was small when we started what felt like a lifetime ago, and we often worked to help each other where we could. For my part, I lent my technical knowledge to others to help them reach their next goal.

It started small, a plugin here, a new theme there, and soon I was speaking at conferences and helping other bloggers with their websites far more than I was spending time with my own blog.

And so, a business was born. Not through any desire to make my millions or conquer the world. No, just out of chance and a desire to be helpful to others. My friends, friends of friends and even my now wife became my first clients, and to this day, many of them are still going strong in their respective niches with my support backing their site.

I’ve always strived to be more than just the tech person you message when something goes wrong with all my clients over the years. I don’t want to be that faceless tech. I want to know you and your blog. I want to be there riding the highs and lows of the blogging business with you. I lived it with my own little travel blog, so I fully understand the constant draw to check how many pages views you might get each day, how hard you work to get noticed on social media and how SEO and your web host can frustrate you to no end.

If you’ve made it this far into my little story, then let me leave you with this, the one thing I’ve learnt over all this time working with so many bloggers. And this is universal. It doesn’t matter if you get 1 million page views a month or something far less.

Know when something has bested you and invest in someone or something which has the skills to help make your life easier. Maybe that’s the tech side of things (I can help you there), maybe it’s your writing and getting someone to proofread for you or perhaps it helps to navigate the million and one social networks you find yourself on.

Otherwise you’ll find yourself as a jack of all trades and an expert in none and your blog will suffer for it.

If, after learning a bit about my story, you’d love to chat about your blog and see if what we offer here at Assistant can be of benefit to you. Shoot us a message via our contact form, and I’ll be happy to talk. I love meeting and learning from other bloggers, so even if we can’t help you. I hope you might have learnt something from me by the end of our chat.

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