The Beginnings of Something Great

I was all set to sit down and write this big article about how the internet is full of charlatans offering WordPress support. How you have to be careful who you let look under the hood of your WordPress site, and a whole list of other amazing things as our first official post. But who really wants to read that rubbish.

So let’s start with the who, why and what we are all about here.


My names Chris and I’m the owner of this little WordPress agency. I wasn’t always a WordPress guy, for many years I worked for a small IT firm consulting with small business, managing their office computers and networks.

It was here where I spent a LOT of hours providing both onsite and remote support. The things I fixed for our clients near and far taught me a lot about customer service. You learn patience when talking someone through fixing their computer or installing a printer when all you can do is talk to them on the phone.

Along the way, the lure of travel captured my heart and I took a break to backpack my way around Europe and set up a life in London for two years.

To this day I still say it was THE experience I needed to better myself at the time. When you can travel a country where you don’t speak the language and still find a way to communicate and get around it can make many things you once thought difficult at home seem like nothing.

My love of Travel and IT lead me to start a humble little travel blog to document my experiences and that is where I found WordPress.


Being an IT geek I took to WordPress far easier than many of my blogging peers. As we networked, had meetup’s and got to know each other I found myself lending my knowledge to my friends. We had formed a community of bloggers all helping each other, it was an exciting time to be a blogger.

First I helped friends I’d met up with and then I was helping their friends who I’d never met and it grew and grew from there.

I’d never meant to turn into this WordPress guy for bloggers but the longer it went on, the more complex things I helped with and it became clear this WordPress thing was taking off and I had a knack for helping people fix their problems.

Most importantly I felt a sense of joy in being part of another person’s little world, each blog is after all its own living and breathing entity.


This WordPress Agency has been through a few iterations in my time as I’ve grown the business. I like to think those were my growing up years as the business grew from its humble beginnings to supporting website owners and bloggers all over the world.

Now it’s grown into its adult years and all the learnings and experiences from that time have lead to this.

We don’t want to just be some WordPress business or the tech people you call when something breaks. We know the pain and work needed to run a website. We want to be part of your team helping your blog grow, be the boots on the ground watching over your site and not just the people you call when something breaks.

Our WordPress Care Plans are structured so we can do just that.

And this is just the beginning. We have so many exciting initiatives lined up to help you run and grow your blog no matter your niche or budget.

So get signed up to our newsletter and strap in, we are determined to give back far more to the blogging community than we take out.

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