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We’ve all been there at some point (some of us more often than we’d like to admit), stuck in a search engine loop trying to find the answer to fix a problem on your website.

Clicking from website to website looking for the answer and each time getting more confused than the last. Or worse still, following what was said and breaking your website even more than it was and wasting hours of time in the process.

The core of our business here at Assistant has, and always will be to make your life easier. Which is why WordPress support is such a popular reason as to why people take up one of our Wordpress care plans.

Why spend all that time Googling for an answer, asking on Facebook groups for help or dealing with your web host when your site goes down when you could just submit a support ticket to us and we solve it for you.

You get back potentially hours of your time each month which can be invested back into your business creating that next viral blog post or securing your next big project.

And because our support plans also cover backups, updates and hosting if you opt for our Professional Care Plan. Supporting your website allows us to be the tech department you’ve always wanted for your website but never thought you could afford.

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